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Kenya: Whose Side are You On?

Posted by africasjournal on January 31, 2008

naivasha-91.jpgIn the wake of war it is very important that we maintain the facts. It is with great sorrow and outrage that we report the death of David Kimutai Too, and opposition lawmaker that was gunned down by a policeman in Eldoret, Kenya Thursday. On Tuesday Melitus Mugabe Were, an opposition member of Parliament was also dragged from his car and shot dead in front of his house. While the Kenyan government argues that Mr.Too’s death was related to a love affair he was having with the officer’s girlfriend, the opposition called it an assassination.

“This is the part of the strategy to reduce the number of parliamentarians,” said Salim Lone, a spokesman for opposition leader, Raila Odinga.

“we have postponed this afternoon’s session and we will work all day tomorrow so that the leaders can attend to urgent matters.” Kofi Annan, who has been in Kenya trying to negotiate with the two parties informed reporters.

It is believed that the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is scheduled to arrive in Nairobi on Friday from neighboring Ethiopia to help mediate the talks between the two parties.

However, many Kenyans are wondering how such an aspiring country could have been torn into an ethnic battlefield, and why is the western world so slow to react to their cries for help. It is therefore very important that we bring to light the relationship of the west to the jewel of Africa’s east.

The U.S. contribution to the crisis:

Seeing it as a key ally in the “war on terror,” the Bush Administration has built a close military relationship with the Kibaki government; The U.S. has played a central role in building up Kenya’s weaponry and internal security apparatus, now being deployed in the crisis. Current U.S.-Kenyan relations are a product of 24 years of U.S. support to the Daniel arap Moi dictatorship that jailed, exiled or disappeared those opposed to the regime. The legacy of these politics remains institutionalized within the political process itself and creates huge barriers to democratic freedom and political participation. Overall, the current turmoil in Kenya is the clear result of colonial rule, external intervention, and detrimental foreign aid policies.
— Association of Concerned Africa Scholars,
Press Statement on the Crisis in Kenya, January 5, 2008

The following excerpt comes from the below link that addresses the state of involvement that the western world (specifically the United States) have had in the Kenyan government. It also questions the governments role in the negotiations, and keeps us wondering : Whose side are You On?



One Response to “Kenya: Whose Side are You On?”

  1. People's Assembly said


    To the International Community:

    We are convinced that Kibaki and his bands of crooks and thugs do not
    mean well for Kenya. Despite the numerous calls from Kenyans and the
    international community, Kibaki does not appear ready to facilitate a
    peaceful settlement to the crisis precipitated by his stealing of the
    Dec 07 presidential vote.

    Currently, Kibaki and the crooks heading the security departments have
    hatched a plan to use force against the people perceived to be against
    his continued stay in power. The killing of 2 ODM MPs in less than 2
    days is a wakeup call to the international community to step to save

    We demand the following:

    1. Kibaki to step aside immediately because his continued
    stay in State house is causing death to the people;

    2. That the Annan-led mediation committee be reconstituted
    and given a UN backing where a special UN envoy should spearhead the
    establishment of an interim government to bring back normalcy before a
    presidential re-run is done;

    3. A UN-backed international peace-keeping force be mandated
    to come to Kenya to maintain law and order as Kenyans prepare to put
    in office their elected President after a re-run.

    Kindly treat this appeal with the urgency it deserves before it is too


    The People’s Assembly,


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